About Vicki Moore


I prefer to be barefoot and would rather put on a sweatshirt than shoes.

I'm definitely a Pacifica native.  

My mother and her husband bought their house in Rockaway Beach, during the real estate boom of the 1970s, for about $35,000. As soon as I realized all my friends lived in Linda Mar, I begged my parents repeatedly to move. I had no idea what I was asking them to do, of course.  

When they bought the house, we were renting in the Back of the Valley; I was in second grade at Oddstad School.  So I moved from Oddstad to Cabrillo Elementary. We used to meet the bus near the Veteran’s Hall in the morning and ride across the highway to the west side of Rockaway. We’d pick up the kids who lived in the small beach shacks that were sprinkled there. Lumbering over the pot-hole filled roads, bouncing up and down, making our way on the road that ran parallel to the beach. We screamed and laughed during high-surf days when the waves would crash into the bus.  

I graduated from Terra Nova High School in 1984. I still remember the day we took the bus to school on the first day of freshman year. I was really nervous!

Woodshop was my favorite class. Once I discovered it, I took it every year and at night where I got to be the TA for the adults - which they hated and I loved.  

If you're a down-to-earth, practical person interested in Pacifica real estate, you're in the right place.  

I got my real estate license in 1998 after I realized a career as a court reporter was not for me.  I love real estate and I love this town.  If you'd like to know more about Pacifica and the housing market, definitely contact me.  I can't wait to share my love of Pacifica and my 20 plus years of real estate experience with you!


Growing up in Pacifica, I took it for granted, didn’t appreciate its beauty. All I thought about was how boring it was, nothing to do. We didn’t have the skatepark and nobody surfed. It was too cold! The City has changed dramatically and so have I!

In 1998, I got my real estate license and bought my first house in Rockaway Beach shortly after that. When I sold the house, I moved over the hill for about ten years and wanted to move back the whole time.

In 2018, I did come back and promised myself I’d be involved in the community, support businesses and appreciate the opportunity that few people get to live here again.

Client Reviews Vicki Moore Pacifica Realtor


Vicki was my manager's agent and she was also his boss' agent. We all live and work in Foster City and she was highly recommended. She is from the bay area and has years of experience with real estate in the bay area, especially mid-peninsula.

She is very responsive and follows up. I like to do my own research online and had been keeping an eye on condos in Foster City for about 4 years. I was finally ready to buy and saw one that I was interested in. I contacted her and said I wanted to meet her at the condo's open house on Sunday. She said she can just bring me on Saturday and we can see it. I don't want to give away her trade secrets but she gave me really good advice on when to wait to make the offer and at what price. It all worked out in my favor and in a pretty crazy real estate market, I purchased my condo for 10K BELOW list back in Jan 2014! Shocking, in this crazy bay area market when almost all sales close for over $100K over list!

I also always felt connected and informed about the progress during escrow. She forwarded me all of the HOA documents that I needed to sign using Docusign. She answered all of my questions. Also, this first year after closing, she forwarded me the tax/HUD documents I needed for my taxes. I had no idea I needed those.

She also put me in touch with a good lending agent who is with my same bank and is also in Foster City! The whole condo buying experience was so smooth and painless! I can't thank Vicki enough for keeping on top of everything and for all of her experience and insight!

I would definitely recommend her to any of my friends looking for home in the bay area!


Vicki has handled two real estate transactions for us. One, was the listing and sale of our home in Foster City. We received numerous offers in 10 days and sold the property for all cash with a quick closing. She is experienced, knowledgeable, and, acts as your advocate.

She also handled a very complicated listing of a property where I was the trustee. She managed eighteen offers and was always on top of the situation. A last minute glitch due to problems with the trust was also dealt with professionally.

I would strongly recommend Vicki Moore for all real estate needs. She is amazing in an industry where many of her competitors are not up to par.


I have known Vicki for over 2 years now and have found her to be a very professional realtor that I would not hesitate to refer. I have come across too many realtors who are just looking for the quick sale to move on to the next client. Vicki takes the time to educate her clients and not rush them into anything that would make them uncomfortable bidding on. Vicki takes the time to know the mid-peninsula thoroughly while not overextending herself to know areas outside of her expertise.


Vicki saved our sanity!  My wife and I were struggling with onerous options regarding our distressed real estate rental property,  Vicki calmly walked us through the details of the options which allowed us to make the best decision for us, and one about which we feel really good!  Thanks Vicki!


Vicki was terrific! She was super patient meeting me at all the houses I wanted to see over a few months until we finally found "the one". Wish I could take her to Florida to sell my house there...... : )


Vicki and Lynn were awesome. They listened to what our needs were and actually cared, from our first meeting through some issues we had after closing. They worked hard throughout the entire process and were able to get us the first house we made an offer on and in a very tight market.


I've worked with Vicki on blogging projects, the Independent Women Homeowners network and late in 2010 she referred a client to us.

We were successful in helping her/our client through the transaction process and into a new home. Vicki displayed the professionalism and client concern that separates a great REALTOR from the crowd.