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Learn about the people and places that make Pacifica special.

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See and visit the incredible businesses (restaurants, shopping, health & wellness...) and organizations here in town.

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Pacifica in Pictures

Pacifica has some of the most beautiful scenery and people.  Take a look at life here on the coast of California

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Selling Your Home

There’s a tremendous difference in agents you can work with. Each agent operates independently and approaches their business in a different way. There are differences in knowledge, skills, attitudes, experience and communication, negotiating style and ultimately results. 

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Pacifica Real Estate Blog

Whether you're selling your home or buying one, we have you covered.

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Buying Your Home

We've been Pacifica residents for over 40 years.  Put our knowledge and associations to work for you.

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Creating Pacifica Locals has enabled me to reach out to Pacifica businesses to support them in their marketing efforts, using video to highlight and promote their products and services.

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